• Village Book Store Launch

    A launch event was held at Village Book Store in Leeds for the launch of Edith’s Scrapbook and We don’t mind people on shoulders publications.  A series of posters were produced specifically for the event and original soundtrack played throughout the event featuring rare protest songs and field recordings from recent UK protests.

  • I Can and I Will

    A workshop commissioned as part of Croydon Urban Pioneers education programme organised by the Architecture Foundation.  Each participant received a workbook to collate their findings as they embarked on a walk through Croydon.  From North End to Fairfield Halls the group explored how photography can be used to explore themes on urbanism, social history and the many spatial oddities that occur within the town’s fabric.

  • La Fabrique du Regard

    A workshop commissioned as part of the La Fabrique du Regard education programme organised by Le Bal.  The participants explored performance art, actions and documentation before devising and enacting a series of interventions in the streets of Paris.

  • Brighton Bus Tour

    As part of the Four Versions of Three Routes project commissioned for Brighton Photo Biennial 2012, a bus tour was staged that gave an alternative interpretation of Brighton’s landscape.  Participants were given an introductory talk en route to the city’s debated constituency borders and encouraged to create their own interpretations of place.

  • Road and Rail Launches

    Three launch events were staged for the release of Road and Rail Links Between Sheffield and Manchester publication.  Venues for this were Son Gallery in London, Museum of Transport in Manchester and a disused public toilet in Sheffield.