• Always better to be hard

    Collaborative body of work with Oscar Godfrey.  Exhibition staged at Caustic Coastal, Manchester from 06/02/15 – 08/02/15.

  • Preston Pavilion

    A multi-media installation that revisited the origins of Preston is my Paris and explored the initial motivations for starting the project.  The core values of the work are intrinsically linked to the original site of production; the city of Preston in northwest England.  Elements of this place were situated in Jerusalem in the form of large-scale photographic prints, audio soundscape, real-time continuous webcam projection, sculpture and archival objects.

  • Four Versions of Three Routes

    An original commission for Brighton Photo Biennial 2012, Four Versions of Three Routes explored possible constituency reformation in Brighton. Photographs taken and displayed along the debated constituency borders question how electoral districts are decided and how change might affect residents. Images were then displayed as a series of site-specific street posters.

  • FIND

    FIND was a project commissioned for the Brighton Photo Fringe Open 2011.  Participants were invited to contribute to a new archive of Brighton.  Items were scanned, photographed or downloaded, then printed and displayed in the project space.  The project culminated in the live publishing of 4 zine-style publications.