• Always better to be hard

    Collaborative body of work with Oscar Godfrey.  Exhibition staged at Caustic Coastal, Manchester from 06/02/15 – 08/02/15.

  • Preston is my Paris: Issue 1-15

    The original.  A series of photocopied zines featuring original photographs, found imagery, objects and writing all related to the city of Preston in North West England that were available for free around the city.

    Free / Ed. 50–75 per issue / July 2009 – June 2011

  • Edith’s Scrapbook

    An exploration of a personal collection of documents relating to various political protests that Mrs Edith Spalding was involved with in the 1970s and 80s.

    24 Pages / Ed. 100 / April 2013

  • We don’t mind people on shoulders. Just not under the ceiling fan.

    A return to a Northern Soul night at Brierfield W.M.C, this project was taken over 6 hours on New Year’s Eve 2012/13.

    24 pages / Ed. 100 / April 2013

  • Road and Rail Links Between Sheffield and Manchester

    This publication engaged with the current and historic transport routes between the two cities; intent on encouraging discovery and investigation of the infrastructure and landscape it traverses.

    80 pages / Ed. 500 / June 2012

  • Winterthur

    Photographs taken in Winterthur, Switzerland between 27th – 29th January 2012.

    32 pages / Ed. 50 / March 2012

  • M&M Line

    Photographs taken from Manchester to Llanelli between 17th – 20th February 2012.

    36 pages / Ed. 50 / March 2012

  • FIND

    A four publication set produced as outcome of FIND project at Brighton Photo Fringe 2012.  The archive of 192 images is split over the four publications, each consisting of a risograph cover, photocopied pages and a text by David Campany.

    12 pages per publication / Ed. 50 / December 2011

  • Two Changes

    Photographs taken in East and North England between 3rd – 6th March 2011.

    24 pages / Ed. 50 / May 2011

  • In A State

    Photographs taken in North East America between 27th December 2010 and 7th January 2011.

    96 pages / Ed. 50 / May 2011

  • Industria, Virtus, et Fortitudo

    Featuring photographs taken in Derby, this zine accompanied the Derby newspaper publication.

    24 pages / Ed. 100 / February 2011

  • Derby

    A newspaper project commissioned for Format Photo Festival 2011 featuring photographs taken in the city.

    12 pages / Ed. 1000 / February 2011

  • Nogent-sur-Marne

    Photographs taken in Nogent-sur-Marne, France between 11th – 12th September 2010.

    24 pages / Ed. 50 / January 2011

  • Village Book Store Launch

    A launch event was held at Village Book Store in Leeds for the launch of Edith’s Scrapbook and We don’t mind people on shoulders publications.  A series of posters were produced specifically for the event and original soundtrack played throughout the event featuring rare protest songs and field recordings from recent UK protests.

  • I Can and I Will

    A workshop commissioned as part of Croydon Urban Pioneers education programme organised by the Architecture Foundation.  Each participant received a workbook to collate their findings as they embarked on a walk through Croydon.  From North End to Fairfield Halls the group explored how photography can be used to explore themes on urbanism, social history and the many spatial oddities that occur within the town’s fabric.

  • La Fabrique du Regard

    A workshop commissioned as part of the La Fabrique du Regard education programme organised by Le Bal.  The participants explored performance art, actions and documentation before devising and enacting a series of interventions in the streets of Paris.

  • Brighton Bus Tour

    As part of the Four Versions of Three Routes project commissioned for Brighton Photo Biennial 2012, a bus tour was staged that gave an alternative interpretation of Brighton’s landscape.  Participants were given an introductory talk en route to the city’s debated constituency borders and encouraged to create their own interpretations of place.

  • Ancient Norse Is Not A Luxury

    Photographs taken on November 10th 2010 at the student and lecturer protest against the proposed rise in tuition fees.

    24 pages / Ed. 50 / November 2010

  • Preston Bus Station

    Over a weekend in August 2010 we set up a project space in a disused shop in the bus station and produced this photographic document of the building and the people that use it.

    12 pages / Ed. 500 / October 2010

  • Routes 1

    This project began by plotting routes that we took regularly around Preston such as the walk to work, trip to the park and the number 31 bus.  These routes were then used to explore Paris.

    40 pages / Ed. 75 / September 2010

  • Coliseum

    A collection of 35mm film found in the Coliseum cinema in Preston.

    12 pages / Ed. 50 / May 2010

  • Tokyo

    Photographs taken in Tokyo, Japan.

    24 pages / Ed. 50 / April 2010

  • Denim

    All clothing and models were sourced in Preston over one weekend and shot in a project space in the Guildhall Arcade, Preston.

    24 Pages / Ed. 50 / April 2010

  • Road and Rail Launches

    Three launch events were staged for the release of Road and Rail Links Between Sheffield and Manchester publication.  Venues for this were Son Gallery in London, Museum of Transport in Manchester and a disused public toilet in Sheffield.

  • Preston Pavilion

    A multi-media installation that revisited the origins of Preston is my Paris and explored the initial motivations for starting the project.  The core values of the work are intrinsically linked to the original site of production; the city of Preston in northwest England.  Elements of this place were situated in Jerusalem in the form of large-scale photographic prints, audio soundscape, real-time continuous webcam projection, sculpture and archival objects.

  • Four Versions of Three Routes

    An original commission for Brighton Photo Biennial 2012, Four Versions of Three Routes explored possible constituency reformation in Brighton. Photographs taken and displayed along the debated constituency borders question how electoral districts are decided and how change might affect residents. Images were then displayed as a series of site-specific street posters.

  • FIND

    FIND was a project commissioned for the Brighton Photo Fringe Open 2011.  Participants were invited to contribute to a new archive of Brighton.  Items were scanned, photographed or downloaded, then printed and displayed in the project space.  The project culminated in the live publishing of 4 zine-style publications.

  • You could be in London, You could be in Vegas, But you’re in Brierfield

    Photographs taken in Brierfield Working Man’s Club.

    24 pages / Ed. 50 / March 2010